If you would like to launch your yacht at the BMK Yacht Marina Langenargen and want to park your trailer during the World Championship, please register at the following address info8mr18@ycl.la or please use the registration form

For launching and hole out and the parking of the trailer a logistics fee of € 400 will be charged.

We ask all who wish to make use of this service, to notify us on time and also to announce the arrival of the yacht.

If you are bringing a tender, please register with us.

Parking is provided free of charge for cars outside the marina parking area. The distance to PP1 is about 200 metre, too PP2 400 metre. 

Truck and trailer parking, distance to the port about 3 kilometres.

Arrival, transportation, embarking, winterstorage, moorings and general storage... no matter what kind of questions you may have, please contact us and we will give you any help you would need: info8mr18@ycl.la



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