BMK Yachthafen Langenargen

Race Village


The BMK Yachthafen Langenargen is a natural port situated halfway between Lindau and Friedrichshafen directly at the river mouth of the “Argen” which runs into the lake.

A beach with natural tree population borders the inner harbour to the Lake of Constance, which not only makes it a green refugium but also an absolutely safe and calm moorage.

The newly erected crane lifts up to 26 metric tons and lifts boats safely and steadily in and out of the harbor.

Boat cleaning is not just  a question of personal aesthetics. Maintenance preserves value and sustains more enjoyment. Appropriate Equipment for the cleaning of the boats and the big washing area with oil separator are at your disposal.

The right equipment is also an essential part of the boat. The BMK Yachthafen Langenargen also contains a Shop for boat and sailing accessories. The BMK Yachthafen also offers an extensive selection of equipment and clothing that meets high standards in quality and functionality and leaves nothing to be desired.

Another integral part of the port is the resident North Sails Loft. If necessary, the team at North Sails is always happy to help with repairs.

Aside from all the technical service providers on site, a yacht port cannot miss a sailing school with boat charter. “DAS Boot-GmbH” provides, especially for the “Land-Crew”, possibilities to explore the Lake of Constance. DAS-Boot-GmbH has motor- and sailboats in different sizes ready to charter – in case of necessity also with skipper. Wakeboard, waterski, banana, screamer or tube. With the power boats of the DAS-Boot-GmbH fun is guaranteed. More information is available at or spontaneously on site.

The „World Cup Village” offers food in a broad culinary range. All official activities are held there. But the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen is known for its ambitiously led gastronomy and offers two outstanding localities. It is open to you if you want to enjoy real mediterranean cuisine in a breathtakingly beautiful setting or meat and fish specialties directly from the grill in a wonderful atmosphere. Both locales are helmed by Mariano and Edith Pusceddu and are sincerely welcome you!




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