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Werner Deuring is the new World Champion in 8mR yachts - The sailor from Bregenz defends lead on the last day of the World Cup

The new World Champion of the 8mR yachts is Werner Deuring and his "Conquistador" from the Yacht-Club Bregenz. He narrowly defended his lead on the final day of the World Cup. With two victories in the last two races, the team of Swiss Jean Fabre with "Yquem II" closed the margin to just one point behind Deuring but could displace the Austrian with his international crew (Dan Slater, Markus Sagmeister, Michael Seifarth, Reinhard Brucker and Thomas Schaffler) from the first place.

Deuring also won the World Championship title in the age group "Modern". The titles in the other three rating groups went to Harri Roschier (Finland) with "Luna" in the "Sira" class, Angelo Mazzarella (SN Geneva, Switzerland) on "Carron II" won the Neptune Trophy and Andi Lochbrunner (Lindauer Segler-Club) in the group "First Rule".

"That was a really tough game today", Werner Deuring said looking back on the racing from Saturday. "We gave away the first race due to a tactical mistake. But we started the day with a big enough advantage”, Deuring said. "The guys from Lake Geneva are really good sailors and it is no coincidence that they have already been world champions a few times", Deuring was pleased that the lead was enough.


"It would have been more than a miracle if we had won the championship after all", admitted Jean Fabre, "but we are still satisfied". Two first places were just not enough in the end. "We are better with more wind, but we only got to understand the tricky winds on Lake Constance too late in the game", said Fabre. Especially the changeable conditions impressed the Swiss. "Congratulations to the Yacht Club Langenargen for this event. Even if only one really was – we all felt like kings", he said, impressed by the performance of the host's many volunteers.

Third overall went to "Luna" with Harri Roschier from Finland, even though she had to use her discard for a seventh place in the last race. Eckhard Kaller (YC Meersburg) also defended his fourth place with "Wyvern", which H.M. King Harald of Norway almost took from him with his "Sira". But in the end, the sailmaker from Lake Constance was one point ahead of the threefold Olympian from the north. Boatbuilder Josef Martin sailed into a sixth position with his "Sposa II" from YC Radolfzell.

Once again World Champion in the group "First Rule" was Andi Lochbrunner with his "Elfe II", she was built in 1912. "It was a very satisfying event for Lake Constance. In our group it was a very strong field of participants. Never before we had seven boats in the First Rule group."

Lake Constance showed many faces during this World Cup.

On the six days of the regatta, Lake Constance showed almost all of its faces - from the sun to thunderstorms, from doldrums to fresh breezes. The participants from eight nations (even up to Brazil) were received with the most beautiful summer weather on Monday. The westerly winds that also brought the fine weather made three races possible on the first day. Thunderstorms with torrential rain, which turned the open spaces in the Race Village in the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen into a lake, held sailors as well race committee on land until the afternoon - and later a race had to be cancelled because of the resuming doldrums. Sun and dark clouds alternated on the third day. The fleet was taken out onto the lake three times, sent back to the harbor three times without having raced. Race Director Rudi Magg then set the start time for Thursday at seven o'clock in the morning - and lo and behold, getting up early was worth it: already in the morning two more races had been sailed, the minimum number of races for a valid World Championship was fulfilled.

Now everyone looked forward to Friday in a more relaxed manner. Once again in the morning, heavy rain set in - but on the lake itself there was a westerly breeze of about three to four Beaufort, which provided for two more demanding races. Last but not least, numerous sunbathing visitors enjoyed the sun and the blue skies on Saturday - for the sailors on the lake it was a long wait for regatta worthy wind. At 13.40 the eighth race finally started, in a southerly wind of about two Beaufort. Finally, five minutes before the last possible starting time, Rudi Magg sent the sailors out onto the course one last time. Jean Fabre (on "Yquem II") fullfilled his announcement of the night before: He sailed aggressively - and took two first places, but could only shorten the gap to the leading Werner Deuring ("Conquistador").

With the ninth race, the planned total of ten races was almost reached - actually unusual for a week in midsummer. "You cannot expect anything more", emphasized Rudi Magg and expressly thanked all the volunteers of YCL.

In addition to the Challenge Cups, on which the winners will be engraved, the World Champions in each of the four groups were presented with a "Yacht Chronometer Luxus" by Thilo Mühle, Managing Director of Mühle-Glashütte, and each also received a handmade knife with maritime inspiration from Neptunia, created by Thierry Henriot and personally presented to them by him.

The focus of the one-week event, which was preceded by the "Aguti Classic Cup" with a total of 47 boats from different traditional classes, was the Race Village with a pagoda tent in the midst of the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen, which could be realized with the considerable support of the information portal

The 8mR yachts 2019 World Championship will be hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron from July 20th to 27th in Cowes, South England.


World Championship of 8mR yachts on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen,

1st-7th July 2018

Final results

Participated: 23 yachts, 9 races

1. "Conquistador"; Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, Austria), Dan Slater, Markus Sagmeister, Michael Seifarth, Reinhard Brucker, Thomas Schaffler; 12 points

2. "Yquem II"; Jean Fabre (SN Geneva, Switzerland) Manuel Stern, Cedric Gentle, Marc Stern, David Genier, Pasqual Python; 13 points

3. "Luna"; Harri Roschier (Helsingfors Segelsällskap, Finland), Markus u. Nico Roschier, Thelen Kenneth, Jouni Seppi, Kimmo Viljamaa, Ari-Pekka Raitisto

4. "Wyvern"; Eckhard Kaller (YC Meersburg)

5. "Sira"; S. M. King Harald of Norway

6. "Sposa II", Josef Martin (YC Meersburg)


Group Modern (built according to the newer Metre Rule)

1. "Conquistador"; Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, Austria)


Group Neptune (built according to the Second Metre Rule, valid between 1919 and 1933, true to the original specifications)

1. "Carron II"; Angelo Mazzarella (SN Geneva, Switzerland)


Group Sira (built according to the Second Metre Rule between 1918 and 1933, later modernized)

1. "Luna"; Harri Roschier (Helsingfors Segelsällskap, Finland)


Group First Rule (built before 1918, true to the original)

1. "Elf II"; Andi Lochbrunner (Lindau SC)

Complete list of results at


Two races on the fifth day of the 8mR World Championship- Werner Deuring (Bregenz) continues to lead

Two more races were sailed on Friday, the fifth and penultimate day of the 8mR World Championship on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen. The two 8's in the "modern class" divided the race victories between themselves. In the first race on Friday morning, the Swiss "Yquem II" owned by Jean Fabre was the victor, the second race was won by "Conquistador" of Werner Deuring (Bregenz), who leads in the overall standings after seven races.

"We made a few mistakes in the first race", said Werner Deuring, who let himself be caught out in the second round. "But in the second race we found our performance again. All in all, we consolidated our position well." In the second race Deuring out in front from the start. "We got closer to him on the final leg but it was too late", said Jean Fabre. "They were tough races today, just the right wind for the 8's. We had to fight hard", says Fabre. The Swiss follow Deuring in second place with three points more (eleven points total). "We have to win all the races tomorrow - at any price", is his strategy for the final day.

Third in the overall standings (and first in the Sira group) is the Finnish "Luna" steered by Harri Roschier with 21 points. In the new interim results fourth position is held by "Wyvern" with helmsman Eckhard Kaller (29 points) from the Yacht Club Meersburg. H.M. King Harald of Norway ranks fifth with the same number of points. After seven races the worst result can de deducted - and so the king's premature start on Monday does not burden his points account anymore. Up to now he has scored three third places with his 1938 built "Sira" and so is closely on the heels of the modern eights.

With three to four Beaufort wind forces from the western direction (mostly accompanied by rain) significantly longer races have been possible on Friday than at the beginning of the week. "That was a wonderful sailing wind, good for the image of Lake Constance as a sailing area", commented Andi Lochbrunner (Lindau), who steers the more than 100 year's old "Elfe II". "It was a tough match for the 'first rule' boats", said Lochbrunner, looking at the group of very old yachts. "But last year we sailed in Hankö in force six winds and big waves, so this was no problem at all."

For Saturday, the attention signal is set for 9.30. Two races can still be sailed on Saturday, then the World Cup will be decided.


Two races before breakfast on the fourth day of the 8mR World Cup

Getting up early on Thursday morning, the fourth day of the 8mR World Championship on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen, was well worth it. Two races were already completed before ten o'clock. For the first start at seven o'clock both the sailors as well as the race committee had left the BMK Marina Langenargen at six o'clock.

The race was won by the Jean Fabre from Switserland with the yacht "Yquem II" in front of the Bregenz Werner Deuring with "Conquistador" and H.R.H. King Harald of Norway with "Sira". In the following race Deuring won ahead of Josef Martin from Radolfzell on "Sposa II" and Fabre in third. Overall, the field is led by Werner Deuring's team.

The start in the morning was spectacular. The Swiss on the "Carron II" had misjudged the course of the right of way yacht "Conquistador". The result was a serious collision: The bow of the "Conquistador" drilled a good 20 inches deep into the hull of "Carron II", a foredecker went overboard. "We could not avoid it", Conquistador's helmsman Werner Deuring said. He was glad that only the bow of his yacht got deep scratches and that the mast remained undamaged. He was able to take his foredecker back on board, but of course was delayed in the race. In the course of it he still managed to sail back into a second place. The collision causer admitted his guilt. "Carron II" was towed back into the harbor and boatbuilder Karl Strempel started the repair work immediately. At noon he reported that the boat was ready for service onc more.

In the second race the wind started to veer again. The race committee adapted the regatta course to the new wind direction and also managed to bring the race to a conslusion without another interuption. Race Director Rudi Magg was relieved that the event could now officially be called a World Cup with this fifth race in the bag. More races are planned, the start on the Friday has been planned for 9.30.

Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz, 7 points) leads the overall standings ahead of Jean Fabre (SN Geneva, 12 points) and Harri Roschier (Finland, 18 points). In the group rankings of the "Sira" class Harri Roschier leads, while in the "Neptune" class Fred Meyer (SN Geneva) is on top. In the class of the oldest yachts (built before 1918) the so-called "First Rule" yachts Andi Lochbrunner leads with "Elfe II".

If a sixth valid race is sailed the worst result can be discarded - there could therefore be some changes in the results list. So the tension will remain until the very last day, Saturday.


Futile attempts to start on the third day of the 8mR World Cup

Wind and weather fooled both sailors as well as the race committee on Wednesday, the third day of the World Championship of 8mR yachts on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen.

Several times race leader Rudi Magg sent the fleet of 23 yachts out from the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen onto the lake - to call them back in again a little later. Sometimes the wind fell asleep, then the lights of the strong wind warning signal flashed and the yachts were recalled for security reasons. But Magg had already informed the skippers in the morning at the briefing in the Race Village in Langenargen, which was built with the support of, that he would try to sail at least one or two races up until the evening.

The most hopeful was a race in the late afternoon, when a course was set with a two Beaufort breeze from the east. But after almost an hour, the wind had disappeared again, the boats had come to a complete standstill - and so this race also had to be cancelled again at 17.30.

The World Championship of 8mR yachts will continue on Thursday. The first start is scheduled for seven o’clock!

By Saturday, a total of ten races are planned.


First a thunderstorm, then due to lack of wind at the World Cup

First a thunderstorm, then a start - and finally a cancellation of racing due to lack of wind. That in short sums up the second day at the World Championship of 8mR yachts on Lake Constance at the Yacht Club Langenargen.

Race Director Rudi Magg had opened the skipper's briefing on Tuesday morning with a gunshot - and the echo followed almost immediately: The sky answered with thunder and lightning. A more than heavy downpour interrupted Magg’s briefing, which consisted mainly of the fact that he had postponed the preparation signal for starting to 12.30 because of the thunderstorm.

"We are happy with the first day," helmsman Fred Meyer and representative of the Eights from Lake Geneva confirmed at the meeting - which was underlined by the sailors in the tent in the Race Village in the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen with a loud applause.

For about two hours rain poured down so heavily that even the Race-Village became a small lake.

When the storm was over, race leader Rudi Magg sent the fleet of 23 yachts out onto the lake. But the wind was still fluky and changed direction so often that the regatta course had to be reset several times. Shortly after 15.00 hours the boats started for the fourth overall race. After less than an hour, the wind dissapeared completely. Only a breath of wind is not enough for a World Cup race and at 15:59 therefore, Magg abandoned the race because of the total calm and sent the 8mR yachts back to the harbour.

The World Championship of 8mR yachts will continue on Wednesday. Up to Saturday, a total of ten races are planned.


Three races on the first day of the 8 Metre World Cup

The World Championship of 8mR yachts at the Yacht Club Langenargen on Lake Constance began with a dream day. Three races were sailed with a wind force of two Beaufort from the southwest. Werner Deuring from Bregenz leads in the overall ranking of the 23 yachts.

"The first day was excellent, we had perfect wind", Deuring was pleased will his excellent start of the World Cup. With two first and one second place (four points) he is well in the lead. "We hope that the wind will remain good and that we improve ourselves a little every day." Deuring sails with his regular crew from Bregenz and Langenargen as well as the New Zealand professional Daniel Slater as tactician "The language on board is English“ as the skipper of the "Conquistador" confirms. She was built in 2004. With an older boat Deuring was vice-World Champion last year. "Now we are going for success in the modern class”, the Austrian has a clear goal.

That the older boats can keep up well is evident with the third place of "Sira", built in 1938, which is helmed by H.M. King Harald V of Norway, in the second race, close behind two modern 8's. And the third race showed that even a king has to play by the rules. He was clearly over the start line with his yacht and was disqualified by the race committee like any other yacht in this race would have been.

The Swiss Jean Fabre (Geneva) is in second place in the overall standings with eight points on "Yquem II", ahead of Harry Roschier (Finland) on "Luna" with nine points.

In the group "First Rule" - the real oldtimers at the World Championships - the Andi Lochbrunner from Lindau leads with his "Elfe II“. In the overall ranking, "Elfe II" is in 15th place.

Race Director Rudi Magg has set the start for Tuesday at eleven o'clock. The Skippers briefing will take place at 9.30 am in the Race-Village in the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen, which was built with considerable support from for this World Cup.

Ten races are planned for the regatta, after the sixth race has been sailed there will be the possibility for discards.


Warm up with other classic yachts: the "Aguti Classic Cup"

Midsummer weather wellcomed the 47 yachts to the "Aguti Classic Cup".

With light summer breezes all five races could be sailed - three on Saturday and two on Sunday. Overall winner in the classification of all classes was Jean Fabre of the Swiss SNG from Geneva on the 8mR yacht "Yquem". There were also prizes for the winners in the five rating groups.

20 "eights" - almost the entire fleet of the world championship of 8mR yachts starting on Monday - as well as 27 National Cruisers, Skerry-cruisers and L-boats were present at the start.

Three races were sailed on Saturday, two more in dream weather on Sunday. In the evening, the sailors enjoyed live music with "Miss vio-LINE" in the Race Village in the middle of the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen, which was built thanks to the support of especially for the Langenargen sailing days.

The "Aguti Classic Cup" was presented by Andreas Grieger, Managing Director of the company Aguti based in Langenargen, they are the market leaders in their branche for "seating" in motorhomes or special seats in the construction machinery sector. "It is important for me to support this great achievement of the volunteers in the Yacht Club Langenargen," says Grieger, explaining why he sponsors the 8mR World Championship. While functionality and safety are paramount to the design of RV seating, Aguti's "designed-for-heavy-use" look can be admired in the luxurious seating landscape of the Race Village.

Especially for the overall winner of the regatta, designer Andreas Grieger designed and manufactured the "Aguti Classic Cup": a stylized sail covered with gold leaf on a base made of fine woods.

In four of the five classes, the yachts who lead on Saturday evening were also able to defend their position in the two races on Sunday: in the 8mR yachts, this was the "Yquem II" by Jean Fabre (SN Geneva, Switzerland) ahead of the "Conquistador" of Werner Deuring (YC Bregenz), in the 75m2 National Cruisers "Petrus" by Ewald Weisschedel (Konstanzer YC) and in the 45m2 National Cruisers "Schelm" by Florian Schmid (YC Langenargen) and "Birgitt 2" by Hans Joachim Landolt (YCL) at the L boats. The 30m2 Skerrycruisers (12 boats started in this class) also sailed for the "Ruth-Krose-Kaufmann-Gedächtnispreis". Here Rolf Steuerer (YC Radolfzell) pushed the leader of the day before Dieter Leimenstoll (Württembergischer YC Friedrichshafen) out of first place.

World Cup starts on Monday

The World Championship of 8mR yachts will start with the first race on Monday (2 July) at around eleven o'clock. 23 teams have been registered and have already arrived in Langenargen, including the reigning Vice World Champion Werner Deuring (Bregenz) and with H.R.H. King Harald V. of Norway also a three-time Olympian. The measurement check was carried out without problems. Ten races are planned up to Saturday (7th of July).

Complete list of results of the Aguti Classic Cup:


World Championship of 8mR yachts in Langenargen

The world championship of 8mR yachts will be sailed from 1 to 7 July at the Yacht Club Langenargen on Lake Constance. 23 teams with their elegant yachts are expected. Ten races are planned.

 Many of the yachts are around 100 years old, seven even sail with a gaff rig. The yachts are rated in four age groups. The "Eight Metres", whether historically outfitted with a gaff rigg or modern with foil sails, all start in one group. In all four classes (First Rule, Sira, Neptune and Modern), there will be a World Champion, on top of this there is the "Coppa d'Italia" which will go to the best European yacht and of course there is the "INTERNATIONAL EIGHT METRE WORLD CUP" for the overall winner.

The moorings of the up to 15 metre long yachts are in the BMK Yachthafen Langenargen and around that is the "Race Village", which was built with the generous support of From June 25, the foreign yachts will arrive. A tune up race is scheduled for Friday, June 29, and on the weekends, June 30 and July 1, YCL will host the "Aguti Classic Cup" for the Eights and other classic yachts. Around 40 boats have registered.

After the opening ceremony of the World Cup on Sunday evening, the first day of racing will be Monday, July 2. Two races a day are planned - and if the schedule is met, Thursday will be a lay day. The tenth and final race is scheduled for Saturday, July 7, as well as the award ceremony. Five races are required for the World Cup to be valid. After six or more races, the worst result of a yacht will be discarded from the scoring. Rudi Magg is the Race Director. He and his team have also been running the internationally renowned Match Race Germany for two decades, organised by the Yacht Club Langenargen.

One of the major centres of activity of the 8mR class is on Lake Constance. About 20 of these yachts are active there. They are lovingly maintained and restored (and with even more effort). The "Metre Rule" was introduced in 1907, so that the then very different yachts could sail against each other without time correction factors. Various different dimensions of the hull and the sail area are entered into a formula. The result must be close to 8.0 metres. This mathematical result has little to do with the actual length of the yacht. The 8mR yachts can be from about 12 to almost 15 metres long. In addition to the 8's, other "Metre Classes" were also quite common. The formula was slightly changed twice, but the third version from the 1930s is still valid today.

Regularly updated information about the 8mR-WM can be found at:

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